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"Anton is more than a freelancer. He is a true partner and collaborator who sees your success as his success. He conducts a thorough and insightful evaluation of needs, sets detailed expectations, and exceeds expectations time and time again. His work is top notch, and he always goes above and beyond. I've worked with him on numerous projects and I could not possibly recommend him more highly."

Cullen Bunn

NYT Best selling author

"As an up and coming company in the film and television industries, having a professional look is paramount to success. Whether it’s been comic book logos, company logos, or pitch deck designs, Anton has always come through! He’s made our company look great every step of the way, forcing the industry to take us seriously."

Heath Amodio

CEO Hustle and Heart Films & Comics

"From the first time I met Anton, I was impressed with his diligence, speed, and thoroughness with any and all projects he worked on.  Now that I call him a friend, he continues to stun me with his knowledge, creativity, and motivation to produce the best result in all his endeavors."

Josh Roberts

Creator and Comic Book Guru

"I've known Anton for only a few years, yet he has had a massive impact on my life as a friend and a work partner. His creativity and passion are outstanding, and he has always gone above and beyond on the projects we are working on together."

Matt Garbutt

Animator and Game Designer

"Anton possesses the creativity of an artist along with the insight of a social psychologist. This man KNOWS the minds of the masses. He is a dangerous individual who you need to align yourself with before your competitors do. He was essentially a one stop shop for me and my bandmates. He fulfilled all of our needs by creating an eye-catching logo, building an intuitive website and mapping out a social media strategy. He opened our eyes to so many marketing opportunities and possibilities that we weren't even aware of. Anton far exceeded our already high expectations of him. If your desire is to rule the planet, Anton is the unstoppable force that you want plotting your ascension to the throne."

Alex Evans

Vinyl Headlights

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