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Table Top RPG Creator Spotlight — Designer/Artist Matt Garbutt

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Matt Garbutt about his work. Matt is not only an accomplished animator but also works in game design and lends his skills to those who seek art commissions for their various TTRPG characters.

Anton Kromoff: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, Matt? Where you are located, what hobbies, and what do you enjoy doing on the weekend?

Matt Garbutt: Hey Anton. I’m a cartoonist working in the animation industry. Farther of 1. I’m UK based in Birkenhead which is just a 5-minute train ride away from Liverpool.

Anton: How did you get started on your creative journey?

Matt: It’s one of those cliché origins of I’ve always just loved drawing and trying to tell stories. No real or clear origin for it, it’s just apart of who I am.

Anton: How did you get started in Table Top Gaming?

Matt: To be honest I only got into it about 5 or 6 years ago, listening to Penny Arcades Acquisitions Inc D&D podcast, and it took me another year and a bit to finally start playing. My first edition is 5th but I’ve been hooked ever since.

Anton: Are you in a weekly game?

Matt: I’m currently in two weekly games, one with two members of my original first game ever and another online game where I’m the only Brit so it’s always a late one, but well worth it.

Anton: And do you have one of those amazing storytellers who provide a rich and lived-in world for you to explore and who would make that magical knife of yours explode doing necrotic damage to you if you answered this question wrong?

Matt: Nah all the DM’s are completely rubbish and have an answer for everything, I mean it would be nice for them not to be prepared or have a rich history for the world once in a while. Seriously though, you’re an amazing Storyteller, and due to our party’s chaotic and unpredictive nature I’m still surprised we’ve not caught you off guard yet haha

Anton: That is so wonderful to hear!

Matt: Quite you!

Anton: Now, you do a lot of commissions of other people’s player characters and TTRPG parties. How quickly does it normally take you to go from idea to completion?

Matt: It can all depend on what the client asks for and how I’m feeling tbh but on average I get roughs over to people within a week, and the final piece takes another week, just due to workload, and being a dad in the evenings, but if all the stars are aligned I can get most commissions done in an evening.

Anton: Is there a favorite species or type of character, genre, or setting that you most enjoy working on?

Matt: Depends on the character, to be honest, I do a lot of D&D stuff so when a non-D&D commission comes in, it feels like a bit of a treat.

Anton: You have also done some designs for local gaming cafés. Can you tell us a little bit more about those and where we could find those in the wild?

Matt: Yes I have, the Critical Hit café in Liverpool has two massive murals I designed on the outside wall of the building which is pretty cool!

Anton: If our readers wanted to contact you to get their very own character art what links would you want us to send them to?

Matt: My email is and my Twitter is @artmonkeymg2

Anton: Matt it is always a pleasure, I look forward to talking to you again real soon. Also, don’t forget to level up your character, you are going to need that extra lay-on-hands.

Matt: All a pleasure my brother. Is that just a signing-off joke? Are we really leveling up!? Don’t play games man!

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