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A Beholder Arrived At My Door- His Name Is Carllrac

Welcome to the table.

On my birthday, a string of events went horribly wrong. I left the state I live in, was unable to access a multitude of things we had reserved to do for my birthday due to strange circumstances and lack of wheelchair accessibility. We returned back home early, canceling our hotel stay and the second day of the birthday weekend. At that point, we were worried whatever vile spirits we had upset would continue to plague us.

On the car ride home I came across a listing for a “Beholder Figurine: With Glowing Eye!” from RP Minis, and due to its super low price mindlessly clicked the Buy Now button.

A few more things went totally sideways on the way home, including our greenhouse blowing over and a heck of a storm blowing through. I quickly forgot I had even ordered this little fellow until a small package showed up on my doorstep today.

I opened it to find that it was in fact, my new Beholder.

This neat little friend stands 3-inches including its base, and has a small compartment where you can install two AAA batteries. Once installed and the switch flipped to on, the central eye of this tiny Aberration begins to glow (brightly I might add).

This little friend comes packaged with a small book entitled “Guide For Training Your New Beholder” and is attributed to the author Dame Beatrice J. Delacroix the 3rd. This tiny tome expounds upon the ways to care for your Beholder, creating a domain for your Beholder and, of course, adventuring with and taming your Beholder.

The good Dame Delacroix the 3rd is also very clear in her information booklet that there are no refunds of any kind, and once you take possession of the Beholder it is very much your own problem.

I am now sitting here trying to convince Xanathar that his new buddy Carllrac is indeed here to stay and will be plaguing one of my weekly parties just as soon as I can get him litterbox trained.

If you are looking to adopt your own tiny friend please check out the link.

Until next time, may you always save versus disintegrate.

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